Founded in 2004 to commemorate Haiti’s Bicentennial, the Haitian Heritage Museum (HHM) is a not for profit organization that is committed to highlighting and preserving Haiti’s rich culture and heritage globally. Our goal is to provide a cultural Mecca for Little Haiti where individuals outside of our community and within our community boundaries can come to enjoy beautiful Haitian art, historic artifacts, ethnic sounds of Haitian music, view Haitian films and enjoy a collection of Haitian literary works. By providing this platform as a linkage to Haitian Americans all over the Diaspora and educating the public about the phenomenal contributions that Haitians have made as a people, this will in turn create a legacy for future generations of young Haitian Americans.
The Haitian Heritage Museum (HHM) was inspired by the need to link all Haitian people in the Diaspora together. HHM will serve as a catalyst for urban revitalization and will inspire community development and participation in Little Haiti. The development will foster the new emerging identity of Little Haiti, which will promote economic growth and urban vitality. This platform will continue to enlighten and enrich South Florida’s rich dynamics of cultural diversity in the arts.

Virtual Gallery


Adults $10
Students $7


Tuesday through Friday 10AM to 5PM


4141 NE 2 Ave. # 105C
Miami, FL 33137
[T] 1-305-371-5988
[E] hhmevents@comcast.net